EnOceanSpaces – your workplace management solution

There is no easier, faster and cost-effective way to optimize the utilization of office space. EnOceanSpaces is a solution which offers many benefits. It offers care-free workplace management like desksharing and reduces energy consumption at the same time. Ask us for Return on Investment (ROI) examples and you will be amazed.

Hybrid working challenges existing office concepts and requires new working environments:

of companies want to switch to desksharing1www.forbes.com

Companies need to be more energy-efficient and sustainable now:

of the global CO2 is emitted by buildings2CBRE, Future of the Office, 2020

Dedicated workspaces per employee are massive cost drivers:

30 per cent of office space can be reduced with desksharing

of office space can be reduced with desksharing3www.officeforfuture.de

Cost-effective desksharing and room booking

Cost-effective desksharing and room booking

Employees can flexibly book a room or a desk depending on their needs!

  • Sensors monitor which rooms and desks are being used
  • Employee app shows which desks are still free and which meeting rooms are available to book in real time
  • Increase of productivity and well-being of the employees

Energy monitoring for better energy-efficiency in buildings

It’s more important than ever to know about energy savings potentials!

  • Get in control of the energy consumption
  • Heating or air condition only runs when a room is occupied, and windows are closed
  • Make your building more sustainable and help to reduce the CO2 footprint of buildings
Energy monitoring for better energy-efficiency in buildings.
Well-being and best air quality at workplaces.

Well-being and best air quality

Control air quality and know everything about how to create better working environments!

  • Sensors monitor which rooms are occupied and measure environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity or CO2
  • Sensors provide information on whether doors and windows are open or closed.
  • Data is visualized in a dashboard

EnOceanSpaces – little effort, great outcome!

EnOcean has developed with its partners a truly unique solution for smart spaces and offers standardized bundles to organizations and companies. From planning to deployment – companies can rely on a carefree package since an experienced system integrator will handle the project. And the best of it, EnOceanSpaces is very cost-effective since the solution leverages the already existing IT infrastructure using Wi-Fi access points.

EnOcean sensors

Self-powered wireless EnOcean sensors collect data like occupancy, temperature, illumination, CO2, people flow and humidity.

Wi-Fi access points

The sensor data is forwarded via the IT infrastructure to the application. Using Wi-Fi access points ensures secure onboarding of the sensors.

Customer application

The scope of the provided application depends on the required use cases like room booking and desksharing.

Ready to know more?

Get more insights and contact us to arrange a free demo of the smart spaces solution EnOceanSpaces. We are happy to show you the solution in detail.