Smart spaces

It‘s time to learn more about your office space!

Make your office building a smarter space for your most important asset – the employees!

What can EnOceanSpaces do with your office space?

Did you know that we spend around 90% of our time in buildings? And did you know that buildings are one of biggest energy consumers at all, accounting for 40% of global CO2 emissions? However, we often don’t even know which parts of a building are being used regularly, resulting in an unnecessary consumption of resources and high operating costs. EnOceanSpaces is the perfect solution to transform your office into a smart space.

Desksharing & room booking

  • Attract the best employees and create the perfect flexible workplace
  • Find unuesd space and save money by better space utilization

Companies need a smart spaces solution to analyze and manage hybrid workspaces. Not only the employees benefit from a flexibel workplace, but the companies save up 30 % of the costs for rent and furniture. Because why should you pay 100% when only 70% of space and assets are actually being used?

Well-being & air quality

  • Constant monitoring of parameters like temperature, humidity, and illumination
  • Increased well-being of the staff and therefore more productivity

After some time spend in a meeting room with insufficient ventilation you feel tired. The lack of oxygen has the same effect on the body as if you had drunk two glasses of wine. Now imagine having to stay productive… Opening windows all day might be a solution but we can do better.

Energy monitoring & control

  • Energy savings potential by knowing which areas are being used when and to what extent
  • Lower CO2 footprint of buildings thanks to data-driven building automation

Energy efficiency is a top priority, whether it is a new build or a retrofit. Unused space causes unnecessary costs in terms of heating, cooling or rents. Make your spaces smart and there are no more open windows with the heating on, no more turned-on lights or air con in unused rooms.

You haven’t found what you are looking for?

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