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Frequently Asked Questions

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The goal of EnOceanSpaces is to create office environments that are more responsive to the needs of the people and to make the use of the space more efficient and convenient. There are three main use cases:

  • Flexible desksharing and room booking
  • Well-being of employees thanks to great indoor climate
  • Energy savings and reduction of space consumption

EnOceanSpaces combines several best-of-breed products into a standardized solution. To this end, EnOcean has been working for a long time with established partners who supply various elements such as the app. A for your requirements suitable system integrator will create an individual offer for you and is responsible for the entire implementation process from day one.

Yes – EnOceanSpaces is suitable for existing buildings as well as for new buildings. Thanks to our patented energy harvesting technology there is no need for cables or batteries. The self-powered wireless sensors and switches can be installed easily – just stick them to wall, desk or ceiling.

No – EnOceanSpaces is technically suitable for offices of any size. In practice, it has been shown that especially medium-sized and large companies benefit from a fast ROI.

Yes – EnOceanSpaces can easily be used for companies with multiple locations. The solution uses radio in the frequencies 868, 902, 928 MHz to transmit sensor data. If the offices are located in different countries, the EnOcean protocol must be approved there. Currently, this includes Europe, USA, Canada, Japan and many other countries in Asia.

For IoT projects such as desksharing, it is important that the entire process is secure, Starting with the sensors and the transfer of sensor data via a Wi-Fi access point to the cloud, and ending with data analysis in apps. Security starts with the encryption of the sensor data. For its wireless sensors, for example, EnOcean relies on data security by means of rolling code and AES-128 encryption. Thanks to the secure onboarding of the sensors to the Wi-Fi network, segmentation of IT and IoT data and reliable transport via one common network EnOceanSpaces meets the highest security requirements.

Energy harvesting is the process of capturing and storing small amounts of energy from external sources, such as solar, thermal, or kinetic energy, to power devices or systems. At EnOcean we use this technology for our wireless sensors and switches. The goal of energy harvesting is to create self-sustaining systems that do not require external power sources.

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