Workplace management solution

What makes EnOceanSpaces work?

It‘s all about the ingredients – EnOcean has combined state of the art technology to make your spaces smart

Digitizing office space has never been easier

EnOcean has developed the budget-friendly workplace management solution EnOceanSpaces to optimize the usage of office space. Wireless, self-powered sensors monitor which rooms and desks are being used or deliver information on the room climate for greater well-being of the staff. All data is analyzed in an app for greater insights.

EnOceanSpaces use sensors to collect data for desksharing.

The collected sensor data is forwarded directly to the cloud via Wi-Fi access points.

This makes the visualization in customer-specific dashboards and apps quick and easy.

Facility managers get an overview of space utilization and employees benefit from apps for desksharing and room booking.

How does a standard implementation look like?

Together with our partners we offer the complete solution package – from sensors to the end application including installation and support. Just tell us what IT infrastructure you have in place and we’ll get the solution rolled out quick and easy! It‘s almost like plug-and-play – even in existing buildings. The only pre-condition are Wi-Fi access points.

EnOcean sensors

Step 1: Add sensors

Wireless sensors are placed right there where the data needs to be collected, e.g. on desks, chairs, walls or ceilings. Self-powered sensors using energy harvesting technology don’t require an external power supply.

Wi-Fi access point

Step 2: Connect APs

The onboarding of the sensors to the existing IT infrastructre is easy. We use Wi-Fi access points (APs) via secure APIs thanks to partnerships with the leading IT networking companies.

desksharing customer application

Step 3: Customize apps

The provided dashboards and apps are modular solutions. Features like desksharing, room booking, indoor climate monitoring like CO2, temperature, humidity can be added at anytime.

No batteries, no cables – sensors need to be maintenance-free

Thanks to the EnOcean sensors being wireless and battery-free the installation is super quick and budget-friendly, because there’s no need to tear open walls or to constantly replace batteries. Energy harvesting is a sustainable technology because it makes wires and batteries redundant. The sensors obtain their energy from the immediate surrondings. E.g. solar cells on the sensors collect and store the energy for maintenance-free operation.

batteryfree sensors

You haven’t found what you are looking for?

Sometimes it’s more convenient to answer questions in a personal chat. We are happy to learn more about your requirements for smart spaces.